This is the day. This is real. We now support what a ton of people have been asking us for the past few months: alerts in real-time.

What does that mean?

You can now create alerts for the real-time data available in Google Analytics. You know, what you see in Google Analytics’ real-time section? We can now act on this data for you!

You can receive an alert if you have more than X active users, as an example. Or if you have a lot of people landing on your error pages. You can create alerts for goal conversions for the active users. You can add all the filtering that you would like for any of the real-time dimensions.

That, plus the fact you can also create alerts for the data available for the current day (or many other options), plus our advanced filters makes us the most advanced and flexible alerting solution for Google Analytics.

This is why HUGE media companies, agencies, restaurant chains and more uses us to know when something unusual happens, as soon as it happens.

HUGE launch discount

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