I am thrilled to announce you a set of highly requested features for our email reports.

Report canvas and the power of widgets

Report canvas, what’s that? Report canvas are how you configure the widgets you see in the email reports you send to your beloved customers. It is a simple yet powerful and flexible drag & drop interface.

Before them, you had to go through our concierge service if you wanted to change the metrics and lists of your reports. You can now do that by yourself or use the free concierge service if you prefer that, it’s up to you.

Curious to see how it works? I prepared this video for you.

White label email reports

The email reports are mostly used by agencies to send easy to consume reports, directly in the inbox of their clients. No link to a webpage or awful PDF, the report is right in the email.

That way, our customers stay in the inbox of their clients regularly. It’s great, especially now that we added more white label options.

You can use your logo, but you can also set your agency name so that the reports look like they are sent by you. It’s not all, you can set the “Reply To” email address so that if someone replies to the report, they’ll get in touch with you directly. That’s great to give support to your existing customers and for selling more of your services. There’s nothing better than selling more to the same customers without having to acquire them right?

Daily reports

Finally, in addition to weekly and monthly reports, we now support daily reports too! That’s fantastic for high volume sites, ecommerce and startups.

What are you waiting? Go try the new report features now.


PS: Wait, but “What about the new features for alerts?” you ask? We are going to announce a few big things soon, stay tuned!