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The Best Klipfolio Alternatives for Marketing Reports

The Best Klipfolio Alternatives for Marketing Reports

Are you looking for the best Klipfolio alternatives for marketing reports?

Creating marketing reports is one of the best ways to plan your strategy, track your growth, and measure each marketing channel’s return on investment (ROI). But as marketers started taking data-driven strategies more seriously, the big question cropped up:

“What’s the best tool to create marketing reports that marketers will actually use?”

A popular option is Klipfolio. But their pricing model can be off-putting for smaller businesses, and some companies don’t want to give users access to their 3rd-party marketing dashboard.

That way, users don’t need to bookmark pages, remember login credentials, or actively search out their own data.

In other words, some companies want to share their marketing reports with as little friction for their client as possible.

That’s why, today, we’re going to look at the best Klipfolio alternatives you can use to create your marketing reports.

Let’s dive into the list!

Section linkThe Best Klipfolio Alternatives

Section link1) Metrics Watch

Metrics Watch is the best Klipfolio alternative for building marketing reports. It has a drag and drop report builder that makes it easy for you to compile data from your favorite marketing channels. And since reports are sent via email, there are no PDFs to keep organized or 3rd-party dashboards to send clients to retrieve their reports.

With Metrics Watch, you can send reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Plus, you can get started totally free for 14 days with no credit card required.


  • Drag and drop report builder
  • Integrates with major marketing software and social media channels
  • Automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Custom branding
  • Reports sent straight to your clients’ or team’s inbox


The biggest con of Metrics Watch right now is that it doesn’t integrate with less popular marketing tools. We integrate with MailChimp, for example, but not with other email service providers used by some businesses.

That said, Metrics Watch can build custom integrations on-demand. So if you don’t see your favorite marketing platform there, you can make a request.

Get started with Metrics Watch Today!

Section link2) Google Data Studio

From Google itself, Google Data Studio is a highly visual way of creating reports and pulling together metrics from Google’s other solutions, including Google Analytics. You can also connect it to social media platforms and other data sources, although you’ll need to go through a 3rd-party connector to do this. That part usually comes with a cost attached.


  • Free (for data sourced from Google’s own suite)
  • Can apply different branding
  • Plenty of templates to help you get started
  • Can embed reports on another website
  • Data is shown in real-time


For me, one of the major downsides of Google Data Studio is how you share the reports with other people. Although you can email reports, they arrive as a PDF attachment, which can be annoying for anyone short on time (or for marketers who aren’t great with organization… like most of them).

Otherwise, you have to share reports online via a link, which again adds an extra step before the recipient can access the information.

I also don’t love that you have to use 3rd-party connectors to use non-Google data sources. If you’re trying to monitor lots of different platforms, this can add hidden costs to using an otherwise free tool.

Section link3) DashThis

DashThis offers a digital marketing monitoring dashboard and reporting tool which allows you to integrate data from multiple platforms into one report. It provides lots of different templates, and they also offer a bulk dashboard creation option to save you time.


  • Integrates with lots of different platforms
  • Dashboards can easily be cloned
  • Can add your company’s logo to dashboards for custom branding
  • Lots of different templates to save time getting started


Like Google Data Suite, DashThis delivers emailed reports as PDFs, or you have to share the URL. In both cases, this seems like an unnecessary extra step for the person needing to see the data.

It’s also on the pricier side. The cost scales with the number of reports (dashboards) you need. You can save money by choosing yearly billing but, at time of writing, 10 dashboards will set you back $129 a month when billed monthly.

That’s literally over 2.5x the cost of using another service like Metrics Watch.

Section link4) Cyfe

Another Klipfolio alternative is Cyfe, which promotes itself as an all-in-one business monitoring dashboard. Integrating with a wide range of different platforms, it allows you to combine data from multiple sources into one report.


  • Lots of different integrations available
  • Can build custom templates to quickly set up reports for different clients
  • Can personalize reports with logos
  • Reasonably priced


The features you can access are dependent on which plan you take. Although Cyfe offers the ability to embed its widgets onto webpages, this option is only available when you have the Premier plan. Brand customization of widgets is even more limited – only available to those on the Agency plan which starts at $150 per month for 10 clients.

The number of users and dashboards are restricted by plan too.

There are also not many options for customizing the colors of the charts and visualizations. Higher paying plans unlock greater customization, but you’ll need to be on the Agency plan to get 100% white-label options.

Section link5) Chartio

Chartio describes itself as ‘visual SQL’ and offers a way to visualize your business’ data by creating graphs and charts and combining them into a single dashboard. It also features a comment option, and you can use it to create data models too – although you’ll need to know SQL for that last one.


  • Can embed charts on other websites
  • Interrogate data by building queries visually, without knowing SQL
  • Plenty of options to customize charts and tables
  • Customize brand colors
  • Use data from many different sources


For digital marketers, one of the big issues with Chartio is that it doesn’t integrate with many social media platforms. You can connect it to Facebook Ads, but only via a partner connector.

You also can’t connect to LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. I’d say it’s more aimed at really big organizations that handle a big amount of data, so it might be overkill for smaller teams.

Plans are also priced per user as well as per chart, so if you want to share your charts with clients, you’ll need to either embed them on another website or share the information as an email attachment. As I said earlier, I’ve always found this an inconvenient way to share reports.

Section link6) AgencyAnalytics

For digital marketers looking for an alternative to Klipfolio, AgencyAnalytics is one option that allows you to integrate with all the major social media platforms, as well as many other digital marketing and SEO tools. It is fully white-label, and you can set up different dashboards for different clients.


  • Can add comments to reports to explain different KPIs to clients
  • Fully customizable branding
  • Drag-and-drop widgets make building dashboards easy
  • Create and send unlimited reports
  • Can customize dashboards for different clients


Although the unlimited reports are definitely a plus point for this option, it can also be a bit misleading.

Yes, you can send unlimited reports, but to one client only.

They price by “campaigns” which are essentially clients.

Again, I also find the sharing options a little clunky. Although you can personalize dashboards for clients, they still have to login via a dedicated URL to access them. Scheduled email reports are available too, but the report comes as an attachment, so it’s a two-step process to access the information either way.

Section link7) Swydo

Like AgencyAnalytics, Swydo is designed with digital marketing teams in mind and provides an easy way to integrate metrics from numerous platforms into a single, customizable dashboard. It offers dynamic report templates that save you time if you want to update the same report template for multiple clients. As a bonus, Swydo also incorporates workflow tools, so you can use it to manage tasks and collaborate with team members as well as monitoring your marketing KPIs.


  • Integrates with all the main social media platforms
  • White label solution, offering customizable branding
  • Can set targets and assess metrics against them
  • Can create reports in different languages
  • Includes workflow tools for team collaboration


Although it’s marketed as an SEO reporting tool as well as a way to build social media and pay-per-click advertising reports, Swydo doesn’t integrate with many of the major SEO tools. Unlike some of the other options on this list, it doesn’t integrate with Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz.

It does integrate with AccuRanker, though.

Pricing is based on the number of users and clients (you get unlimited reports no matter the plan), but if you choose the basic plan, you’ll only be able to share reports with clients on Swydo’s own domain – you have to upgrade to get your own custom domain.

You can schedule reports by email either way, but, as you might expect, the report comes as an attachment again.

And that’s it! These have been the best Klipfolio alternatives for building marketing reports.

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