😷 Metrics Doctor 😷

Google Analytics is a key tool in understanding your digital presence, how you make money, how you can improve that.

Is your Google Analytics in good shape?

Does it have spam or fake traffic in it? Maybe you don’t know, but it probably has.

📈 Can you rely on your Google Analytics data? 📉

Chances are, probably not.

There has been a HUGE spike in fake traffic & spam in Google Analytics recently. Spammers are using new annoying techniques, we can help you.

The first step is to understand whether or not you’re are affected by this.

We built a tool that will help you figure out if you are affected, and which of your sites are. Then we will help tell you how to fix it.

🌡 Health Check by our Doctor 🌡

The Metrics Doctor is a free and easy tool. Just select the Google Analytics accounts & views you want a health report for, and we will send you the report a few minutes later.

At the moment, the beta will look for referral spam and a few more spam techniques. We will add more features to it like verification of the overall configuration and have suggestions for improvements.

Get started, it’s free!