⚡ Email Reports for Agencies⚡

Weekly and monthly reports for Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook Ads directly in your customers’ inbox.

Easy to consume. No need for your customers to understand all of Google Analytics or how to get their results out of Adwords and FB Ads.

No need to log anywhere or no awful PDF attached. See the report right in the email.

Increase revenues with smart client upsell 💰

Get a spot in your client’s inbox with easy to consume reports with key business metrics weekly or monthly.

It will bring you more business, but don’t take our words for it. Here is what one of our customers have to say on that:

“On the first month with Metrics Watch, I had 5 times more clients contacting me to improve their campaign and review their Adwords campaign. It is the first time that my automatic reporting is read thoroughly by my clients and increase their awareness towards the performance of their campaign. (P.S. one of my client transferred 3 brands from their other agency!)” – Frederic Charest, Web Marketing Consultant

Automatic email reports 📊

Let’s face it: most of your customers don’t know Google Analytics and Adwords very well. Or maybe they just don’t have time to go on all platforms to get a quick overview of their online business. Save them the trouble: send automatic reports right in their inbox. No PDF, spreadsheets, or lists: every key metric is right in the email.

You can customize the reports to include the metrics that are important for your clients, whether it is a marketing site or an e-commerce platform that loves to see sales and e-commerce conversion rate.

White label reports and keep relationships going 👏

The reports are coming from you and have your logo. If your customer reply to the report email, they will reply to you. Having a place in your customers’ inbox every week or month will build trust and keep you at the top of their mind.


Not only will they see your logo and name more often, but they will also have a short and simple report that they can understand in a few seconds.

Emails reports as a marketing channel 📬

Why stop there?

We know that email marketing brings the highest ROI for marketers and beats social by 40x. As we can see on Inc.com, “email is still the best tool for customer engagement.

Since you already provide awesome value to your customer through those reports, why not sneak a new blog post you wrote or an event invite? With our customizable email reports, this is exactly what we offer.

Even more 💰 ?

You know what’s crazy? In addition to making more money by building your brand awareness and upselling your services, you can also make money by selling the reports to your customers!

Some agencies are selling this for $5 per month, some $20 per month. Others give it away for free. Your call.

What does it look like?

This is a new service we started to offer recently and already have agencies and startups from all around the world using it. Here is how it looks for now.

Email report example

45-day free trial if you request a demo.

14-day free trial.

Still not convinced?

My clients are not asking for this

Sure, maybe they are not too much into Google Analytics, or maybe they talk with someone else for that? Either way, you should offer to send it to them. Most people just don’t think it’s possible to have such simple reports in the simplest way possible: in their email!


My clients are not good with Google Analytics

It looks like we have perfect candidates here! Our email reports are super easy to understand. Directly in their email. There is nothing as frictionless as our reports


My clients don’t speak English

Well, you might be in luck: we support French reports, too. Need another language? Drop us a line, we never know!


I’m still not convinced…

Fantastic! It might not be for you, or I might be terrible at explaining why it absolutely is!  Would you shoot us an email and help us understand which it is?