???? Email Reports for Startups ????

Daily, weekly or monthly summaries for Google Analytics, directly in your inbox!

Easily understand your site’s Google Analytics metrics with passive, automated reports.????

Let’s face it: it’s taking you a lot more time than you would like to know what’s happening in Google Analytics and Adwords. Like most startups, you care about results, right?

You can see all important things in a few seconds instead of jumping from screen to screen! Right in your inbox!

Receive every day, week or month an easy to understand report with all you need to know from your Google Analytics account.

Answer questions like…

What was our conversion rate last week? Oh, and how do it compare to the previous week?


What were the top referrers last week?


How many users and new users did we have last week? Did it improve vs. the previous week?

and maybe

What were the most searched words that got us traffic?

All this, or something different (totally customizable), directly in your inbox. No PDF, spreadsheets or link to a web-based report. Nope, directly in the email, and it looks great on mobile devices too! You can customize the reports to include the metrics that are important for you. Mad simple.


What does it look like?

This is a new service we started to offer recently and already have agencies and startups from all around the world using it. Here is how it looks.14-day free trial.

Email Report Example