11:41AM EST – there’s a lot of people in the room, getting seats and getting ready for the announcements.

11:53AM EST – less than 2 minutes before it starts according to the timer on the screen!

12:03 PM EST – Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP Ads & Commerce, is on stage! Thanking people to join them in San Francisco and online.

12:05 PM EST – Fidget spinner is one of the most popular searches on mobile. Surprised? 😉

12:05 PM EST – 87% of smartphone owners starts their search on mobile.

12:07 PM EST – 20% of searches on mobile are by voice now! That’s pretty cool.

12:09 PM EST – He’s talking about machine learning is helping us with different things. Gave an example of searching through photos, and then for Google Translate getting better and better.

12:10 PM EST – “Less than 1/3 of brand experiences are described as helpful”. – not really surprising, but definitely sad!

12:12 PM EST – Smarter data. Your marketing must be driven by behavior and where they are in their journey.

12:14 PM EST – Ad experience is different based on context and intent. Searching for the same thing will often show different results. Example: “cheapest hotel” will give different results if you are a loyal user from an advertiser and is more likely to show you this advertiser. Higher CTR & ROI!

12:16 PM EST – Using the data in the Ads experience will improve the results. For every second loading a page, conversion drops by 20%.

12:18 PM EST – AMP landing page beta and Ads will show near instantly landing pages! Amazing!

12:20 PM EST – 70% who bought something in a store first turned to a device for relevant information first.

12:23 PM EST – Better integration of physically transaction in stores, and Ads conversions.

12:26 PM EST – Bhanu Narasimhan, Director of Product Management at Google on stage now.

12:27 PM EST – Better audiences. How? Connecting data across Google products to have a better overall understanding of context

12:32 PM EST – New audiences. How? Custom patterns and life events can be used for YouTube Ads and will be added to Gmail Ads.

12:32 PM EST – In-marketing audiences for search ads is showing a 10% increase in conversion rate on average so far. Google knows when you’re the buying mood, looking for a product, comparing it, looking at reviews, watching videos, etc…and they let us use that.

12:35 PM EST – Bill Kee, Group Product Manager at Google on stage now!

12:35 PM EST – “This year, we’re solving the attribution problem”

12:36 PM EST – Introducing Google Attribution. This will be free for all advertisers! They also have an enterprise version (Attribution 360, surprise! 😉 )

12:38 PM EST – Bill wanted to buy a TV. He searched on mobile, continued his journey on tablet and bought on his laptop. Google Attribution will connect all your data, and tell you what happened and when with a smart attribution model, not just based on last click attribution.

12:40 PM EST – Google Attribution will give you a better view of what works, across devices. This is AMAZING!

12:41 PM EST – Google Attribution beta is out now and will roll out to everyone in the coming months.

12:43 PM EST – Introducing Unique Reach in Adwords and DoubleClick. Across devices. No need to show the same ads to the same people on various devices. Available in Adwords now and will be available in DoubleClick later this year.

12:45 PM EST – Karen Yao (product manager) on stage now talking about Adwords.

12:48 PM EST – She’s talking about new audiences. For example, you can target people who are actively shopping for vacations.

12:49 PM EST – The new Adwords experience announced last year, will be rolled to a lot more people today, and everyone will have access to it before year end.

12:50 PM EST – Adwords will soon integrate with Google Optimize. You will be able to have on-demand custom content based on search intent. So, a family looking for a hotel will possibly see family pictures instead of random pictures. THIS IS AMAZING!

12:53 PM EST – Next up, Google Analytics & DoubleClick.

12:58 PM EST – “Is my marketing working?” Imagine if you could survey people who saw your ads and ask them why they clicked (or not) on your ads. Sounds pretty cool! That’s in Google Surveys 360.

1:00 PM EST – Jennifer Liu, director of Google Shopping on stage now. She’ll talk about the Google Assistant.

1:02 PM EST – She does a demo with Google Home, and just ask it for a specific toy for a daughter. Google Home replies with a place to buy, locally, that has it in stock and proposed directions.

1:04 PM EST – Google Assistant will help us, marketers, have conversations at scale. Reach the right customer, at the right time.

1:05 PM EST – We’re done. That’s all. Nothing really about Google Analytics this year apparently. We will write a recap soon with more details and why some of the announcements were big news!



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