Google Marketing Live 2018 – Live Blogging

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12:02 PM EST - Sridhar Ramaswamy gets on stage. He is senior vice president of Ads & Commerce at Google.

12:04 PM EST - He mentions advertising that works for everyone (I think he's going to talk about personalization, maybe?).

12:05 PM EST - Ads should be valuable, transparent and trustworthy.

12:08PM EST - 10x increase in search of "open near me tonight". People are getting more "impatient" and want fast answers to their question.

He's just setting the stage for what's to come. No announcement yet (which is expected).

12:10 PM EST - People expect better privacy protection.

12:11 PM EST - Advertising should start with understanding and satisfying intent. People want you to help them.

12:13 PM EST - Google Ads Settings: you can download it, delete it, etc. You can opt-out of personalized advertising.

12:15 PM EST - Better results. Simpler experiences. Stronger collaboration. That’s what we should see in this keynote.

12:16 PM EST - Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads later this month. Google thinks it's a bigger deal than what it sounds like.

12:18 PM EST - Bringing Analytics 360 and Double Click in Google Marketing Platform. All in one.

12:19 PM EST - Core principles gets repeated. Valuable, transparent and trustworthy.

12:20 PM EST - Nicky Rettke now on stage. She is Group Product Manager, YouTube Performance Advertising at Google.

12:21 PM EST - "Relevance bring results".

12:22 PM EST - 150% growth in ads conversion last year. (WOW!)

12:23 PM EST - TrueView for reach introduced. TrueView for action (to drive visits to your site).

12:24 PM EST - You can use YouTube as a full funnel. Reach, then drive traffic to your site for customers to buy. They're now available. Will be able via Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.

12:28 PM EST - Ad rotation will help you show the right ad to the right people. Introducing "Responsive search ads". You'll have up to 90% more text space.

You provider 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. They use 3 headlines and 2 description lines, based on what's the most relevant to the searcher. It will be available soon in English, and other languages will follow later this year.

12:30 PM EST - Landing page speed score in Google Ads, started to roll already. Ten-point scale from very low to very fast. Based on multiple factors, and updated daily.

12:32 PM EST - They're going to push Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) even more.

12:33 PM EST - Measurement in today's mobile-first world can be a challenge. People move through devices during the day. They're introducing cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics. This is sick!  Individual data is never shown, just aggregated.

12:36 PM EST - Kim is on stage (I missed her last name and job title, sorry).

12:37 PM EST - Smart campaigns (that they announced a couple of weeks ago) will be available later this year. They're simple, save time and deliver real results. It is aimed at small business owners.

12:39 PM EST - Half of the SMB in the US does NOT have a website. Auto-optimized landing pages...which seems to be built-in landing pages in Google Ads.

12:41 PM EST - Grow with Google, free help by Google.

12:42 PM EST - Google is doubling down on Google My Business. Built-in messaging.

12:43 PM EST - Philip McDonnell, Group Product Manager, Google Ads on stage.

12:44 PM EST - Automated feed will make it simpler to have your products shown on Google. No need to upload a catalog, they will build it from your site automatically.

12:44 PM EST - New "Smart Shopping Campaigns" announced. They drive over 20% more conversions.

12:46 PM EST - Showing a case study with pretty impressive results (increase of 30% in sales and massively lower CPA if I understood correctly).

12:47 PM EST - In the coming months, they will add goals: driving store visits, and new customer acquisition. This will help with both online and offline goals.

12:48 PM EST - Introducing "Local campaigns". Easy to use with your My Business account.

12:51 PM EST - New "Hotel campaigns".

12:52 PM EST - Payam Shodjai on stage from Google Marketing Platform. Plan, advertise, measure and optimize, all in one. DoubleClick will disappear. 22 years after launching.

12:55 PM EST - Search Ads 360 is the new name for DoubleClick to buy ads on Google and other search engines.

12:57 PM EST - Google Marketing Platform has over 100 integrations.

1:00 PM EST - Showing a demo of Display & Video 360, for a fake business. It looks pretty well made and easy to use.

1:05 PM EST - Instant reporting (in Display & Video 360). Reports generated in seconds instead of minutes or hours. (Wow, people waiting HOURS to get reports? Crazy!)

1:07 PM EST - Google Measurement Partners introduced. It's not very clear what it is, to be honest.

1:08 PM EST - End of the keynote...but there's an after-keynote. I will tell you if there's something worth sharing.

I will send a wrap up with some thoughts of all of this on the newsletter very soon!