Google Performance Summit: new Adwords and Google Analytics stuff

This was for 2016, the 2017 version is here with a bunch of cool stuff!

I attended Google Performance Summit keynote. A summit by Google presenting new things in the Google Analytics and Adwords world. Google announced new exciting things and I thought I would share the high-level overview of it with you.

Introducing the summit

Google’s guy came on stage for this Google Performance Summit. He talked about how the mobile-first world is no longer something that is going to happen or is happening. It already happened. I guess it’s now time for Adwords to adapt to it… 😉

50% of all traffic is coming from mobile & tablets. That’s quite insane when you think about it.

He talked about how you need to respect not only the intent but the context of your users when building ad campaigns. Not only do they search for you, but they could be on mobile, or at a location that changes that context.

If that’s the case, the experience should probably be different than on desktop. Your ads should have images you can swipe through, even before clicking on the ad. Always keep in mind what is the context when you target people with ads. As an example, you might want to send people to a local store of a chain if someone search for shoes on a mobile device, as opposed as if it’s desktop, send them to the e-commerce site maybe?

You should use the right experience, at the right moment.

New redesigned Adwords

Google announced that they completely re-built their ads platform. Including bids, measurement and its design.

They completely reimagined it. How?

A few exciting things to note:

  • They expanded the number of characters you can have in ads.
  • Bid adjustment, based on device types is coming. Different bids for desktop, phone or tablet. Yay!
  • You just need to give a headline, description, image, and URL. Google will make sure it’s nice, everywhere.
  • Demographics for search.
  • Google Maps will now have richer ads too, including branded pins. You will be able to pay to promote pins. Pretty awesome huh?

Want to see a screenshot?

There you go!

Google Adwords redesign screenshot

The release date is unclear, but it looks like it should be somewhere in 2017.

Adwords Getting to 2016 finally?

If you are doing marketing, there is nothing about intent and context that is surprising you probably, right?

I feel like Adwords is old and dated in many ways, and they are catching up. That’s great and I’m excited to see Adwords come to the present.

What do you think?

New Google Analytics stuff?

Well, it was pretty thin on the Analytics side of things.

The first thing that got my attention is that they mentioned that even the free accounts will have access to their super nice report creator called Data Studio. You will be able to create up to 5 reports.

The only other interesting thing they talked about is the “Data Assistant”. You will be able to ask with your voice, or type a question such as “What were my best selling products for April” or “How many visitors did we have from organic traffic in April?”. It shows a list of results in the first case and just the number of visitors as a number for the latter. Nothing complex. Pretty awesome! It is probably only for Google Analytics 360, it’s unclear.

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