Metrics Watch started as a monitoring/alert system for Google Analytics & Adwords. We’re still doing that and we have amazing clients using it like Greyhound, Spartoo and much more!

Late last year we introduced our second product: email reports for Google Analytics and Adwords. Frictionless marketing reports that agencies can send to their customer, with their logo, name and all. They can even get the reports sent to them first, add an analysis and then send it to their customers.

Today, I have a couple of things to announce.

First of all, I’m happy to announce that our email reports just became more flexible with the addition of Facebook Ads. You can now create reports with Facebook Ads metrics in addition to Google Analytics and Adwords. It can be from just one of these sources or all of them together. You choose!

It’s great to keep a close eye on your advertising investment and its ROI!

The second big thing is that we decided to change is the pricing. We just made it cheaper per report! We did that by doubling the number of reports you get for your current plan! If you were on our $50 per month plan, before today you could configure up to 10 reports. It’s now 20! It’s only $2.50 per report! And it’s even cheaper if you have bigger plans.

You don’t have an account yet? We offer a free trial, no credit card required! You already have an account or want a new trial? Just log in the app!

What’s next?

We’ve put a lot of work in the last month to add our first integration outside of Google’s ecosystem, and we’re going to keep moving faster and adding what you’ve been asking for a while.

Little hints…we’re talking about pie charts, bar graphs and nicer design for our reports, just to name that. We’re planning on revamping the UI too and adding more integrations later on!

We’re excited for all that’s coming in the next few couple months!

Speak soon!

JP Boily
Founder @ Metrics Watch