Hey there, I am JP Boily, founder of Metrics Watch.

I love talking about SaaS and sharing my experiments. Either with other founders, SaaS enthusiasts, or anyone else, actually! So I thought I would share some of it—if not all of it—right here…on Metrics Watch’s blog.

Metrics Watch is still in its infancy. In the past few weeks, it started to get more and more interest from various types of businesses. Especially since I’ve introduced real-time Google Analytics alerts. The “real-time” part of things made it magic for many people. And that’s great!

That being said, while I have a few customers, I haven’t reached product/market fit yet. At least, I don’t think so? Well, not being sure is a great sign I definitely did NOT reach product/market fit at all! 😉

This is going to be an exciting journey for me. So I thought I would start writing and sharing my experiments right here. All of my experiments: successes, major failures, and everything in-between. I am going to start writing about what I try that works, and what doesn’t. All of the challenges  I struggle with at the moment. Hopefully, you’ll find a bunch of success stories here, and recipes for them too!

Welcome to the Founder Watch!

Here are a few things I am planning to cover:

  • The art of focus for founders (this one will be published this week)
  • Cold emails
  • Talking with customers
  • Family-work balance
  • Getting an intern, or not?
  • Mastermind
  • My morning routine
  • Getting a co-founder, or not?
  • Content marketing
  • The tools I use
  • Cut the bullshit

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The different hats I wear

I am a solo founder. Not only am I a solo founder, but I’m also a dad. My wife and I took the decision to work 4 days a week to have 3 days weekends with our daughter every single week until she starts school in a few years. I am super happy about it. So I rarely work on Fridays, except early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. I always get up at 5AM during the week to have at least an hour of highly focused work before starting the family routine.

This set-up of mine means that I only have 4 days a week to do everything for Metrics Watch…and for my consulting customers. Because, yes, I am also doing consulting. This work helps me self-fund Metrics Watch until it makes enough money to pay me a full-time salary. I am very lucky to work with my friends at Gemnasium about 15-20 hours per week. It’s super fun, and it helps pay the bills! I have other smaller customers from time to time too.

I’ve worked in the SaaS world for the past few years, and I am confident I’ll turn Metrics Watch into a success. At least into my definition of success: a cool lifestyle business for me and a few employees.

So, as you can see, I have a lot to do and limited time to do it (like the rest of us, right!). I am no superhero, but I really want to succeed, and I have the skills and knowledge to. So I will. How and when are still unknown variables, though.

I know there’s a bumpy road to product/market fit ahead. But I’m confident it’s going to be a fun one. And I’d love for you to hop on the journey with me! 🙂

Stay in touch

Want to follow my road to product/market fit and beyond? That’s awesome, thanks, I’m very flattered. No, really!

I’ll write here every week…at least, that’s the plan. It could be a little more or a little less from time to time; we’ll see.

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