Key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2018

Today was the kick off of Google Marketing Live. It's a new annual event, which is a merge of two of their events.

I've decided to live-blog the keynote, and now, here are my key takeaways.

Cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics

This was not the core of the event, but let me tell you it's going to be a game changer.

Who wouldn't want to know that they got a visit from mobile and that this person ended up converting on a desktop device?

Well, that'll now be possible! I'm assuming there will be a lot of cases where it's not possible and will require you to be logged in your Google account on both devices, but let's see. Apparently, this will only be aggregated data, not individual users' data we see, which totally make sense.

Google Ads

This was announced a couple of weeks ago. Google AdWords will be replaced by Google Ads, and you will be able to buy ads for YouTube and other advertising platforms, in theory. Honestly, I was expecting that to be the core of the announcements, but it wasn't, at all.

In fact, if I understand correctly, Google Ads is the free version, and Google Marketing Platform is the replacement of the 360 suite, which is paid (and is expensive). They talked a LOT more about the latter. It does make business sense as this is the most interesting for their most lucrative clients.

Google Ads will launch later this month. We'll know more then.

Personalization in advertising

Personalization is huge. When you try to talk to everybody, you end up talking to no one. When you talk in person, are you crafting custom conversations, or are you saying the exact same thing to everybody? Crafting custom experiences is part of the future of marketing.

"Responsive search ads", powered by machine learning, was introduced.

You will write 15 headlines for your ads, 4 descriptions and Google will pick 3 headlines and 2 description lines, based on what's the most relevant to the searcher. It will help you show the right ad to the right people

It will be available soon in English, and other languages will follow later this year.

New advertising possibilities

There were many new advertising possibilities announced today.

Let's start with YouTube's TrueView for reach and TrueView for action. The latter means you can drive more traffic to your site, and conversions on it, through CTA directly on YouTube. It seems like it'll be at least possible to add that under the videos.

They're now available. Will be able via Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.

For small business owners, "Smart campaigns" is going to be great! It's finally going to be easy to create ads for people whose job is not advertising. Now for my agency friends...don't worry, I don't think you'll lose clients, and it's quite the opposite. If they drive decent results that way, they'll be interested in running more advertising, on other platforms and all. I think it's great for advertising democratization.

Google also said that they're doubling down on Google My Business with new possibilities, while not really talking about anything specifically but messaging, which is already possible in some countries.

Do you want to sell your products directly in the search results? There will be a new, automated, feed which will make it simpler. No need to upload a catalog, they will build it from your site automatically.

They also announced  "Smart Shopping Campaigns", Local campaigns and Hotel campaigns.

Other things

A few more things...

  • The DoubleClick brand will disappear, 22 years after launching. Search Ads 360 is the new name for DoubleClick to buy ads on Google and other search engines.
  • Landing page speed score in Google Ads started to roll already. Ten-point scale from very low to very fast. Based on multiple factors, and updated daily.
  • They're going to push Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) even more.

That's all for this year's Google Marketing Live keynote. If I hear anything worth sharing, I'll write about it again. Stay tuned! (hint: our newsletter get all our content including the announcements about our upcoming FREE Google Analytics course for agencies and other things).