Key takeaways from Google Marketing Next 2017

Today, Google had a keynote for marketers to talk about what’s coming for Google products in the months to come.

We live blogged the event, but we decided to write a recap of our key takeaways.

AMP landing pages for ads

For each second of loading time, we can observe a 20% drop in conversion rate. That’s insanely high. Wait no more with AMP.

You know, the links you see on Google and Facebook that loads almost instantaneously?

You will now be able to do the same with Ads! Want to know how it works and how to get started? Start here.

Google Attribution announced

During the keynote, one of the highlights was the introduction of Google Attribution.

What is this? It’s a new free product (with an enterprise offering as part of 360) that will help you better understand what works in your marketing efforts.

You know how right now it’s generally a last click attribution model. Meaning that we know where we last acquired the customer from. But what if I start to look for flights on mobile, continue my shopping journey and end up buying on my laptop? Generally speaking, we’re screwed. We think our initial ad on mobile didn’t convert, when in fact, it did, just not on that device.

Google Attribution will make it easier to know what worked across your marketing channel during a buyer’s journey. They do that by connecting the data across Google products.

This is available now in beta for some people and will roll out to everyone in the coming months.

Adwords + Google Optimize = 💰

One thing that’s really big that was announced is the integration of Adwords with Google Optimize.

What does that mean? What’s the goal?

We all know that the more specific copy & images are to a person, its intent, and context, the more conversions you will get. For example, if you are selling vacations or renting hotel rooms in an all inclusive: “Best hotel in Jamaica!”. What if you knew that the person on your site is looking to book a hotel for their family? You could instead pitch them “Best family hotel in Jamaica” and expand on why it’s great for families, show happy family pictures, activities for families and so on. Which one is more likely to sell?

This is exactly what you’ll be able to do with Adwords & Optimize together. You can niche on the fly. Giving exactly what people need, not some generic sales page.

I bet people will print more money than ever with this.

Not much for Google Analytics…

Sadly, nothing new for Google Analytics was announced this year. Google Attribution will probably help, but I’m wondering how much of the data we will be able to see and cross reference in Google Analytics.

Which one of those new announcements are you most looking forward to using?