Can you trust Google Analytics?

Chances are, probably not.

Most Google Analytics account are affected by fake traffic and spam. We can help you, it takes a few seconds, and it’s FREE.

Metrics Doctor

Start trusting
Google Analytics again.

We scan your Google Analytics for referral spam, language spam, fake traffic, and more. We tell you how to fix the problems you are affected by so you can start trusting your taking business decision based on reliable information.

Oh, and it’s 100% free!

How does it work?

5 clicks, 30 seconds.

That’s all you need. Connect your Google Analytics account. Select what you want to scan. Click the scan button. That’s all.

Did we say it’s free? It is FREE!

Connect Google Analytics

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 Why is it free?

Over the years helping people with their Google Analytics with our services and products, we realized almost everyone is affected by some common problems. We decided it was time to help more people than ever. From experience, we know that very few people will pay to get that fixed, so we thought we would build something and give it away for free so more people can trust their Google Analytics accounts.

Are there limits? How many sites can I scan?

It’s free, but you can scan up to 10 sites daily. We do this because Google has some daily limits for their Google Analytics API and we want to give a chance to more people to get their accounts scanned.

Can I get more credits?

Sure! Once in Metrics Doctor, you can click on the share buttons to get extra credits. We also have a badge program; put our badge on all pages of your site, and we’ll get you more credits. Get in touch with us for the badge program and we’ll get that setup for you.

Got another question?

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100% free!

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