Frictionless marketing reports for agencies

Your customers want to know how their online business is doing but they don’t have the knowledge or time to gather all the important data on all platforms. Even less to analyze it. That’s where we come in, together.


White-label email reports for agencies and freelancers
Metrics can be
daunting for some people
No, you’re not the only one. Most clients from most agencies either don’t know their way in Google Analytics, Adwords or Facebook Ads. Or they’re just too busy.

You need to send them reports that are straight to the point and includes what matters for them, directly in their inbox. No crappy PDF attached or link to a web-based report. Zero friction to get their online business status.

All metrics, filters and segmentation
You have access to all metrics & dimensions from Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook Ads. You can also segment any of the metrics.
Add your analysis before sending it to your client
You can receive previews of the reports, and add a note before sending it to your customers. Great to explain big improvements!
White label
Your name in their inbox, your logo in the report. If they reply to the email, you get the replies, not us. They’ll remember you for their next project!
Share your news
The core of the email is the report, but you can add a little news about your agency after the data of the report. Maybe you’ve made the news or just helped a non-profit?
Get started in minutes

Use our drag & drop report builder

Our easy to use drag & drop interface makes it easy to configure which KPIs are included in the reports.

Not sure? We have built-in templates, and we also offer a free concierge service to help you configure the reports!

Flexible email reports
Our reports are flexible yet simple to build, and even simpler to consume for your customers.
Customize everything
You can customize the metrics, the subject of the email, the reply address, your logo and the notes included at the top of the email.
Report templates
As soon as you create your account, you get access to report templates for various contexts, like e-commerce, AdWords and more!
Email Marketing Twist
You have a place in your customer’s inbox with your name as the sender of the reports, but you can also add some news about your agency. Maybe your latest blog post or a conference you’ll be holding that you want to announce?
Fully custom design
You want your email reports to look different? We can offer you custom report design for your reports for a one-time fee.
Various integrations
We support Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook Ads. We’re planning on adding more integrations like Facebook Pages, Bing Ads and more. There’s one that you want as soon as possible? Let us know through the chat widget at the bottom right or via email.
Facebook Ads (soon)
We’re working hard on it; it’s coming. You can influence how we’ll build the feature. Send us details on what you want from it!
Start sending white-label reports
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