Free mini Google Analytics audit for you, MicroConf attendee!

Hey, I’m JP Boily (jipiboily¬†on social networks and all that jazz), founder of Metrics Watch.

I’m offering free mini audits for Google Analytics to ALL MicroConf attendees. It doesn’t have to be that; if I can help you with questions or setting goals and whatnot, I would love to do so. This is just an excuse to speak with you about your business and cool stuff ūüôā

Let’s chat

SaaS, analytics & more

I’m offering a free Google Analytics audit for you…but it doesn’t have to be only that, I would love to chat about a lot of things!

So, what could we chat in a relax environment, i.e., around a drink, hot chocolate or laptop?

Google Analytics

This is what Metrics Watch is built on top of. Over¬†time I learned a LOT about Google Analytics. I’m even doing more and more Google Analytics consulting.

I’m happy to share my knowledge and also hear about your pains.


I’m running Metrics Watch¬†now and doing some¬†consulting for a few SaaS startups until Metrics Watch can pay¬†all the bills for my family.

Before that, I worked for various SaaS startups before being on my own, like Rainforest QA and

At Rainforest QA, I was employee #2, first remote and helped build the product and engineering team (I was Engineering Manager at the end).¬†I’ve touched almost everything there related to a SaaS business.

I love talking about all things SaaS.

You work with agencies?

Me too! I would love to chat about how we could help each other. Those are the customers I’m aiming for with my white-label Google Analytics email reports that I offer with Metrics Watch.

What’s your struggle working with agencies? What worked well for you?


I love marketing…SURPRISE!

Content, email marketing automation, Facebook Ads and whatnot. If I can help, awesome! If I can learn, great!

I ‚̧ԳŹ good craft beers & whiskey

I like all types of (good craft) beers…except sour beers (I don’t understand why they exist! haha). Happy to chat around a great craft beer, about anything, basically.

I always wanted to play piano with a whiskey…I started with the easiest: whiskey. I will try to get a good bottle or two to drink in my room (or other rooms), and share it! Got suggestions?

Code, life, kids, music and whatnot

I’m originally a software engineer, I have a daughter, a wife, I love folk music and ska. I’m sure we chat about a bunch of stuff.

Come talk! ūüôā

Looking for me in the crowd? Here's what I look(ed) like

I used to look like this…now I have a lot more beard and hairs (though, I might get a haircut and look similar to this):

Random facts and numbers

I live this far from Las Vegas (in Miles)

years doing web development

days on earth (so far)

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