Hello folks, JP here, founder of Metrics Watch!

There are a few things I wanted to share regarding our email reports Today. First, a few new features and then parts of our roadmap.

New features: bar graphs, reports sent from your domain & more white-label options

When we started email reports originally, it was based on a bunch of conversations and all of them wanted text-based reports, directly in the email. Reports that could be sent automatically to their clients to have a quick overview of their online marketing performance regularly. Pretty much “just in time dashboards”. We did that.

My vision was always this text-based reports sent via email. The issue with that is that I said no to bar graphs, pie charts, and all that jazz. I thought it was not a good fit for email reports, not really required and also a bit more complex than it might sound at first.

I was wrong. Pushing back on what a LOT of people was asking was definitely not a good idea. It punched me in the face last summer. Not too long after, we added support for pie charts in our reports.

Today, I am pleased to announce we now also have support for bar graphs. For Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook Ads. You can now better visualize what the trends are in your metrics.

During the holidays, we also added some flexibility around white-labeling. Until today, you could send an email and have people reply to your email address, but it was not really sent from your domain. Now, that’s possible: you can send email reports directly from your domain! It’s not automated and requires some manual configuration on your end (DNS) and on our end too. We already have people using it. Reach out if you want to set it up!

Finally, there is no more mention of Metrics Watch in the footer of reports. Until a couple of weeks ago, you could see the reports were sent by Metrics Watch due to a mention in the footer. It can now be replaced by your full physical address to respect anti-spam laws. This can be configured in the white-label settings in Metrics Watch.

Roadmap: what’s next for reports?

Momentum is what will define this quarter (and the whole year in fact). We’ve already released a few things and we’re only January 16th.

This quarter, we will massively improve all things visual. As agencies are our core clients for reports, they tend to like nice things. And so are their clients. That’s why we will start working on an improved design for the reports shortly (it’s a matter of days before we start). If you have ideas of how it could or should look like, let us know!

After the new design for reports, we will massively improve the UI of the app to feel more like a 2018 app. The UX will be improved a bit too at the same time. That said, I really want to massively improve the UX of the canvas builder. I have a really good idea of what to do in that area, but it’s a lot more complex than it sounds so I’m not sure when that’ll be.

So, for this quarter we definitely will have a new design for the reports, a nicer UI for the app and (at least) a slightly improved UX in the app.

That’s not all, though. We’re listening to what people are asking us and will be adding more features, customization, and integrations in the coming months.


Stay tuned for more news soon!