???? Real-Time Google Analytics Alerts ????

We also support AdWords via Google Analytics and non-real-time alerts.

Detect unusual problems or spikes before it’s too late

Have you ever had a problem with your site?

Probably. We all do have one day. If you never had any problems, it’s only a matter of time.

Have you ever lost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars due to a broken part of your website that you detected after a few hours?

A broken shopping cart or checkout process can break and it’s pretty bad, for instance. You’re sadly not the only one.

Have you ever had an elevated number of errors after doing some changes to your site or a migration?

This happens, too.

We don’t want that to happen, but it happens. You better detect it as soon as possible. You can do that with Metrics Watch’s real-time alerts for Google Analytics.

Additional features

  • Support Email & SMS alerts (SMS is Enterprise-only).
  • Support for custom metrics.
  • Alert templates for faster alert creation process.
  • Notes in alerts so the people that receive the alerts know what to do..
  • Filters: create super flexible and powerful alerts with all sort of filters.
  • All plans Include our free concierge service. We can help you with alerts configuration.

How is that better than Google Analytics’ built-in alerts (called Intelligence Events)

First, Google Analytics doesn’t support real-time alerts. They don’t support SMS everywhere on the planet. It is also not possible with Google Analytics to put have alerts for custom metrics.

Those are all things Metrics Watch’s Google Analytics alerts support.

Alert examples

Alerts can be in real-time or not. They support Google Analytics in real-time or not, and Google AdWords. Here are a few common examples.

Alert me if there is no one using the shopping cart.

Alert me if there are more than 100 visitors right now having errors.

Alert me if my conversion rate drops massively

Alert me if I have NO traffic

 Alert me if there are more than 1,000 users right now.

Alert me if the average page load is over 2 seconds

Alert me if our page views changed by 10,000 when comparing last month vs the same month of last year

Alert me when there are more than 200 new users in a day

Alert me when the bounce rate changes by 10

Alert me if I have more than 100 clicks on Adwords

Alert me if my CPC goes above $10 on Adwords

They are using Metrics Watch alerts

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