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Facebook Ads insights for your clients

Facebook has over 2.45 billion monthly active users. Yes, you read that right. You can't ignore Facebook Ads when it's time to advertise online.

Facebook Ads are crucial, yet your clients are not tracking success metrics regularly. Having a good overview of all your Facebook Ads campaigns, spend, CPC, and other things might not be that easy, and also, they could look at the wrong thing.

The good news is you can stop copy-pasting data to a Google Sheet (who wants to do that?). You can send your Metrics Watch reports daily, weekly, or monthly, straight to your client inbox while you sleep.

Example Metrics for Facebook Ads

You can track a lot of Instagram metrics with Metrics Watch and even have a list of your top posts, for example. Here are a few examples of metrics you can track.


The number of clicks in your Facebook Ads campaigns or ads is often first signals that things might be working.

Green arrow pointing up784


Change: 15%
Previous period: 684

Cost Per Click (CPC)

While the number of clicks can be useful, the cost per click, or CPC, is even more interesting. How much are you paying per website visit? This is your answer.

Green arrow pointing up1.22


Change: 45%
Previous period: 2.23


Knowing how many clicks you've got from your campaigns is fine, but knowing how many people converted is starting to be quite interesting. You can now see how profitable your campaigns are.

Green arrow pointing up5.25

Cost Per Conversion

Change: 25%
Previous period: 7.03

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your ads are showing. Great! But how often are clicking on them? It's a good indicator of the relevance of the ad; is it the right ad for the right keywords? Are your offers and copy appropriately aligned with the intent? The CTR will help you figure that out.

Green arrow pointing up3.25%


Change: 14%
Previous period: 2.85%

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The most frictionless platform: directly in your client's inbox

Most reporting tools will send your clients a PDF attached to an email, or a link to a web-based report. We think it adds too much friction. That's why we send reports directly via email. The content of the email is the report. No PDF, no link to a web page. Simple. Frictionless.

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All your marketing metrics in one place

You have data across multiple platforms, right? Most of us do. That's why we integrate with many marketing platforms and let you build the report your client needs to see.

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Automated reports: no more manual report building

Why would you create reports manually every month and send it to your clients, manually? You can build it once with Metrics Watch, and we'll take care of sending it to your clients on your behalf. We can send it weekly, monthly, or daily to your clients.

Configuration UI screenshot
  • Step 1: create a report
  • Step 2: receive a preview before sending it to the client
  • Step 3: add your analysis
  • Step 4: send to the client
  • Step 5: repeat step 2 to 4 weekly or monthly

Receive preview first; add your analysis before sending it

You can receive a preview of every report before sending it to your clients. You can even add your analysis to the report.

White-label reports

Use your logo & choose colors in the header of the report. We send reports on your behalf, from your name. Hey, it can even be from your own email domain!

Partial white-label settings screenshot
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All metrics, filters and, segmentation

You have access to all metrics & dimensions when building reports. You can also segment any of the metrics.

Want to see a sample report?

Or maybe you want the real thing, aka, a 14-day free trial, no credit card required?

More integrations

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"Metrics Watch was the only tool that met our requirements regarding both functionality and usability. After meticulous comparison and testing of over 30 tools, we partnered with Metrics Watch to provide our clients with high-precision tailor-made reports on their products. The level of support and communication has made us true worshipers. Thanks!"

- Apostolos Tsiter (product owner www.onvista.de)

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