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Google Ads reports for your clients

Let's be honest: When people say "search engine optimization", that search engine means Google. They have roughly 68,000 users every second and 228 million searches per hour. You'd be crazy not to want to get some ad space on a platform with such a wide reach.

The problem is that your clients or stakeholders don't always know how to effectively navigate Google Ads. That's why you need reports that are comprehensive, totally detailed, and above all else, incredibly easy to consume.

Now, with Metrics Watch, you have the best marketing report software right at your fingertips! You can send daily, weekly, or monthly reports with your Google Ads KPIs and send them directly to your clients inbox.

Example Metrics for Google Ads

You can track all your Google Ads metrics with Metrics Watch and even include a list of your most successful campaigns or keywords. Here are a few examples of metrics you can track:


The number of clicks for your Google ads can be the first sign of profits or trouble. Monitor the number of your ads' clicks to set yourself up for more of the former, not the latter.

Green arrow pointing up784


Change: 15%
Previous period: 684

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Knowing how many clicks your ad gets is great. Knowing how much those clicks cost is even better. Budget your expenses more efficiently by keeping track of how much you're paying for each new visit to your site.

Green arrow pointing up1.22


Change: 45%
Previous period: 2.23

Cost Per Conversion

In most cases, the traffic your ads generate is a vanity metric. What you really want to know is how many people became customers, and how much it costs you per conversion. Learn how well your ads are converting your clicks into clients.

Green arrow pointing up5.25

Cost Per Conversion

Change: 25%
Previous period: 7.03

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your ads are showing. Great! But how often are people clicking on them? It's a good indicator of the relevance of the ad; is it the right ad for the right audience? Are your offers and copy appropriately aligned with the intent? The CTR will help you figure that out.

Green arrow pointing up3.25%


Change: 14%
Previous period: 2.85%

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The most efficient platform around: Reports delivered directly to your client's inbox

Most reporting tools will send clients a PDF attachment or a link to a separate web-based report. We think you deserve a simpler process.

That's why, with Metrics Watch, you get full marketing reports sent directly via email.

No PDFs. No links. No annoying redirects. Just the report you need exactly where you need it–straight to your client's inbox.

All your marketing metrics in one place

If you're like most busy marketers, you probably have data across multiple platforms. Our goal is simply to help you save time and energy. You can integrate many marketing platforms to build the perfect report for your clients in a matter of minutes, not hours.

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Start sending reports fast with pre-made templates

Our growing template library gets you set up quickly. Just connect your integrations and start reporting!

Templates can be further customized to meet your needs, or build your own reports from scratch with our easy-to-use drag & drop builder.

Automated reports: no more manual report building

Look, you didn't get into marketing to build reports. You did it to share brands you love and connect with customers. So why are you still creating tedious weekly reports manually? A better option? Build the perfect report just once with Metrics Watch, and have them automatically delivered to your clients.

Preview, Analyze, and Send - It's just that simple

Once you build and schedule your report, you can configure it to receive a preview before sending it to clients. Then add your analysis to help your client understand the report's value, and send it off.

White-label reports

You don't want another company's branding all over your reports. We get it. That's why you can use your logo, choose your colors, and send reports from your name and from the email address of your choice. The bottom line? You're in charge of your report's branding.

All metrics, filters, and segmentation

You have access to all our metrics & dimensions when building reports. You can also segment any of these metrics to fit your needs. That way, you can get the right information, to the right people, at the exact right time.

Creating identical reports for multiple clients?

Sending hundreds or thousands of client reports couldn’t be easier. All you need is a simple CSV file (we can give you a template) or if you have a developer, you can use our API.

Included in all our plans - just reach out to our concierge via live chat or email to get started.

Reach out and save time

PPC Markup

Easily add custom PPC markup to client reports.

Global settings apply the same markup % to all your PPC reports automatically, or you can tailor each report individually for total control.

Want to see a sample report?

Or just dive headfirst into the real thing with a FREE 14-day trial (no credit card required)

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