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Never miss important changes in your website metrics with Metric Watch–instant alerts via email, SMS & Slack. Supports GA4 & UA.

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Get instant reports on any significant changes in your metrics

Google Analytics native alerts are free — but at a cost…

Depending on how you customize your settings, Google promises to send you alerts within 24 hours of detecting abnormal data.

But a day is a long time for critical issues to go unreported.

A bug in your checkout flow, for example, could cost you hundreds or thousands in loss of sales over just a short period of time.

Metrics Watch understands the value of time.

So, we'll send you immediate alerts, empowering you to resolve issues for your team or clients and avoid costly delays.

Get alerts to your phone and email

Using Google Analytics' dashboard to monitor metrics is a time-consuming chore. You shouldn't feel like you have to keep checking your metrics all through the day just to make sure nothing is wrong.

With Metrics Watch, you don’t have to!

We'll send you alerts via SMS, email, or Slack. Allowing you to spend more time on the things that really matter.

Experience the convenience of having actionable data at your fingertips and the ability to share it with any member of your team.

Slack Integration: for shared monitoring and intervention

Out of the office and unable to fix a costly glitch? Our Slack integration can alert your whole team—so problems get fixed faster.

Ideal for companies with developers working in different timezones. Increase the likelihood that someone will be notified and resolve the problem quickly, sparing your company devastating losses.

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No news REALLY is good news!

When using Google Analytics' native alerts, no news may simply mean delayed news.

Our real-time alerts give you back control of your evenings, weekends, and vacations—if you don't get an alert, then there's nothing to worry about!

Metrics Watch's real-time alerts offer true peace of mind, so you can go to sleep every night knowing that your webstore is running smoothly.

Don't let this story be YOUR story…

John was head of marketing for an ecommerce store.

At 12:01 AM. Black Friday sales began.

While he and the customer service team slept, a silent error prevented customers from completing their purchases during the night.

No one received an alert.

In just 3 hours, the business had lost $80,000 in sales.

Check out the full story here—and see how Metrics Watch's Real-Time Google Analytics Alerts could have saved them money and headaches.

Feature overview

The most flexible Google Analytics monitoring & alerting platform. Period.

Real-time alerts

We offer real-time alerts based on data from your Google Analtyics account.

We check Google's API every 5-10 minutes to see if the metrics crossed your pre-defined thresholds and send you an alert if it does.

Segment with filters

Do you want to set an alert for a subset of your data? For example, Create alerts for subsets of your data. Add filters for any dimension that exists in Google Analytics.

E.g. for traffic from specific ad campaigns or for a certain country.

Email, Slack & SMS

As soon as we notice a metric crossing your threshold, we alert you via email. You can get them sent to as many people as you want.

We also offer Slack and SMS on certain plans.

Super flexible alert types

Configure your alerts for a full day of a metric, the last hour, 3 last hours combined, yesterday vs the day before or the same day of last week, & many other options.

Custom schedules for different thresholds

Set custom schedules for your alerts to cater for regular variations in traffic and sales on weekdays, evenings & weekends.

Choose exactly when alerts should be active–to the minute–so you don't get alerts when lower numbers are normal.

Easy setup with nothing to install

Set up your account in just 1 minute! Just connect your Google Analytics account, then you're ready to create all the real-time alerts you want.

With nothing to install, you don’t need help from a developer or IT department.

Perfect for all marketers and business owners.

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