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Perfect for high traffic ecommerce and online businesses

Who wants to lose tens of thousands due to a bug no one noticed?

The answer is easy. No one wants to lose sales. Sadly, this happens way more often than you would think.

"Hey, our shopping cart was down for 4 hours before we noticed. We lost a ton of money and don't want that to happen again without us noticing. Can you help us?" – many of our customers told us similar stories before becoming customers. And the answer is YES.

We help you avoid that and we help you get the peace of mind that everything works as expected so you can focus on your next marketing campaign or while you do whatever is important for you.


We offer alerts based on the real-time data from your Google Analtyics account. We look at the API every 10 minutes to see if the metrics crossed the thresholds you define. We can do it every 5 minutes for some plans.

Segment with filters

Do you want to set an alert for a subset of your data? For example, for traffic from advertising campaigns, or for a specific country? You can do that! You can set filters on any dimension that exists in Google Analytics.

Email & SMS

As soon as we notice a metric crossing your threshold, we alert you via email. You can get them sent to as many people as you want in your team.

SMS is also available to our enterprise customers.

Crazy flexible alert types

Yes, we do real-time alerts but that's not all we do. You can have alerts for a full day of metric, the last hour, yesterday vs the day before or the same day of last week and many other options.

Custom schedule for different threshold

Even though we would like to have the same flow of sales during the weekend or the night, it's rarely the case. That's why we let you configure alerts to be enabled only during the day, weekend or etc. You can set exactly when an alert should be active, to the minute.

Easy setup with nothing to install

You can setup your account in a minute: you connect your Google Analytics account and you're ready to create the alerts you want. You don't need developers or anyone from your IT department. You have nothing to install!

Perfect for marketing departments.

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