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7 Google Data Studio Alternatives for Sharing Data

7 Google Data Studio Alternatives for Sharing Data

Are you looking for the best Google Data Studio alternatives to track your marketing efforts?

Having the right tracking solution is crucial for the growth of your business. Whether you’re sharing that data with your internal team or handing it off to 3rd-party clients, the result is the same:

Understanding how people are or are not converting with your site matters.

One popular solution is Data Studio, a free tool by Google that creates reports and dashboards. And while the price tag is appealing, it may not have all the features or integrations you need.

In other words, having MORE options is always better than having fewer options.

That’s why, today, I’ll share 7 Data Studio alternatives that you can use to create accurate and highly profitable marketing reports.

Let’s get started.

Section link7 Best Data Studio Alternatives

Section link1. Metrics Watch

Metrics Watch is hands down one of the best report builders on the market. It allows anyone to quickly and easily create marketing reports that will help your internal team or boost confidence with clients.

Here’s how it works…

Once you sign up for a free 14 day no-risk trial with Metrics Watch, you'll be able to sync all of your favourite marketing channels, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook (paid and organic)
  • Instagram (paid and organic)
  • LinkedIn (paid and organic)
  • Mailchimp

These integrations allow you to make a comprehensive and detailed report for your team or clients.

From there you can determine who needs to get this data and win. Then you can flip the switch and turn the whole process on autopilot.

But the best part about metrics watch is how this information is shared.

That's because it's one of the only report building tools available that will send marketing reports directly to your recipients’ inbox

And no, we don't mean it will send a PDF attachment to their inbox. It will send the full marketing report with your logo in all the visual graphs, charts, tables, and lists to help your recipient digest the information at a glance.

This takes a level of friction out of the report-sharing process that, frankly, has been long overdue.

That's because sending PDF attachments or redirecting people to a third-party dashboard is more likely to result in them never getting around to looking at the data. New paragraph. But when that information is secure in their inbox, you're much more likely to see that data get used for practical improvements.

But hey, why not see it for yourself? Click below to start your 100% risk-free Metrics Watch trial today (no credit card needed):

Start Your Free Trial Now!

Section link2. Whatagraph

Whether you run a marketing agency or you need to send marketing reports as a part of an in-house team, this marketing reporting tool fits the bill. Compared to Google Data Studio, it's much more intuitive and easier to use, starting with a 30-minute onboarding session for each new customer. Also, there are no hidden costs that come with Google Data Studio connectors.


  • 40+ data sources
  • 95+ report templates for different industries, tools and use cases
  • Personalized onboarding for every new customer
  • Full report customization including a white label option for agencies


There is only an annual plan available, making it a pricey investment compared to some other tools


The cheapest plan is called Professional and it starts at $199 per month. This gets you 25 data sources, 5 user seats, and unlimited reports and templates. However, you can only subscribe to an annual plan.

Section link3. Databox

data box homepage

Databox is a data reporting tool and a solid alternative to Google Data Studio. It pulls together all the essential metrics that your company needs to monitor and helps you transform them into easy-to-digest dashboards and reports.


  • Template dashboards make it easy to get started
  • The free basic plan lets you start building reports and visualizing your data without needing to pay
  • There’s an option to configure custom goals and receive alerts when you go off track
  • Add annotations and notes to your dashboards to bring clients’ attention to key information


If you’re reporting back to clients and want to customize the branding, you’ll need to pay an extra $250 per month for white-label features. Although you can customize metrics to build your own reports, the process isn’t straightforward and may trip up less technically-minded users.


A free starter plan lets you access basic features. Paid plans start from $91 per month. Discounts are available if you choose annual billing. Agency plans are available too, but you’ll need to contact Databox for prices.

Section link4. KlipFolio


If you are looking for an easy-to-use data visualization tool, Klipfolio is one to consider. Designed for SMEs, startups, and marketing agencies, it aims to make analyzing your data and creating reports as straightforward as possible.


  • Plenty of pre-built templates to help you get reports and dashboards set up
  • Custom visualizations are easy to configure using the Klip Editor tool
  • White-label options allow you to add your own branding to dashboards
  • Different sharing options let you send information easily to clients and colleagues


Although simple to use, Klipfolio’s visualizations are on the basic side, meaning there are limits to how you can present your data. There’s also a small extra charge for full white-labeling options.


Klipfolio offers a free version that gives you access to the basic features. The entry-level paid plan is $142 per month, but discounts are available if you opt for annual billing.

Section link5. Geckoboard


Geckoboard is a good all-round alternative to Google Data Studio for visualizing and analyzing business data.

It integrates with a wide range of data sources, including digital marketing, accounting, customer support, and project management software, meaning you can see all your important business metrics in one place.


  • Offers a Slack integration, making it easy to share updates with colleagues
  • The user-friendly interface makes building dashboards easy
  • Configure goals and status indicators to keep track of your progress
  • Wide range of connectors to cover most business needs


Sharing your reports with others is the biggest issue with Geckoboard if you don't want to manually email a URL each time. You can schedule reports to Slack, but the process for automatically sending reports by email is complicated and involves third-party integrations.


As well as a 14-day free trial, Geckoboard has a free plan that gets you access to one spreadsheet-powered dashboard. Paid plans start from $35 per month, with discounts if you choose annual billing.

Section link6. Grow

grow homepage

A business intelligence platform, Grow is aimed at larger companies that need a 360˚ view of their data. It offers integrations with most digital marketing channels, project management tools, accounting software, and CRM databases.


  • Pulls together a wide range of business metrics in one place
  • Option to share individual metrics with your team quickly via Slack
  • Add your own logo, branding, and domain name with white-label options
  • Interactive visualizations let you explore your data thoroughly


Although there’s no actual coding involved, Glow is a heavy-weight tool. And that means it has more of a learning curve than some of the other Google Data Studio alternatives. It is also designed for larger organizations, and the pricing reflects that.


Grow offers a free trial, so you can try it out before committing. There are no pre-priced plans available, but you can expect this tool to come in at a higher monthly cost than any of the other options on this list.

Section link7. DashThis


Created with marketers and small businesses in mind, DashThis is a dashboard and reporting tool that integrates with most of the commonly used digital marketing channels. For agencies, DashThis offers report templates and bulk dashboard creation services that make it easy to get all your clients set up quickly.


  • No limit on how many users you can have, even on the lower-level plans
  • Template reports and widgets make it easier to build your reports
  • Option to add section headers and comments to reports to help clients interpret their data
  • The drag-and-drop builder is simple to use and helps you create and customize reports


Although you can have unlimited users with DashThis, there are restrictions on how many dashboards you can create. This means many businesses will quickly outgrow the cheaper plans.


You can try DashThis for free for 15 days. The starter plan, with three dashboards, is $45 per month. There’s a discount if you pay annually.

Section linkBonus Tool: SuperMetrics

supermetrics homepage

If you like Google Data Studio’s visualizations but want an easier way to connect all your data sources, SuperMetrics has you covered. It works with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to bring together all your business metrics in one place. With over 500 different connectors available, you’re guaranteed to find the integrations you need.


  • If you are already using Google Data Studio, SuperMetrics builds on a familiar tool
  • Hundreds of integrations are available
  • Choose how often you want reports to update and schedule them by email
  • Report templates help you get started quickly


Accessing support can be tricky with SuperMetrics, as only email support is available on the cheaper plans. If you are trying to get away from Google Data Studio altogether, this may not be the option for you.


Pricing for SuperMetrics depends on how many data sources and users you need. It starts from 99 euros per month for a single user, which translates to roughly $117 per month.

And that’s all for now!

These have been 7 of the best Data Studio alternatives you can start using to create more profitable reports.

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